AZAK is the supply chain for dozens of Furnaces in South Asia
Ferrous trading is the backbone of our business
Our customers are our best publicists


Ferrous trading is the bread and butter of most scrap metal dealers. Although we trade in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the bulk of our business by volume is ferrous goods. AZAK enjoys privileged relations with both providers of scrap metal at source and as well as local yard owners. We are able to bring the material from diverse sources under one roof and process the same to properly grade it as per your needs.



Please find below the list of our regular products:



  • HMS Mix
  • HMS-1 (Without GI & CI)
  • HMS-2
  • Iron Bar end cuts (Gulli)
  • Iron Bar Rolling 16 mm
  • Iron Bar Rolling 25 mm
  • Lms Press Bundle
  • Lms Scrap
  • Lms Press Bundle No.1
  • Tin Plate Bundle
  • PNS Grade Scrap
  • Fabrication Scrap                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Structural Rolling Scrap
  • Billet ends
  • Moon-cut Pipes
  • G.I Angles
  • Shredded Scrap
  • Turning Scrap






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