Al Zarooni Al Khwaja (AZAK) is part of the KMI group of companies and one of the largest Metal Trading companies within the UAE. Incorporated in the late 20th century in the city of Sharjah, we have over 30 years of hard core experience in managing and trading with all forms of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals.  AZAK was incorporated in 1983 in the city of Sharjah, U.A.E. Our experience comes second to none and our decades-long history speaks for itself.

To be the preferred scrap metal provider, innovate and lead change in the recycling sector.

We strive to provide quality recyclable scrap metal to enhance value for our customers. It’s our commitment to serve our stakeholders in a consistent manner by endeavoring to create lasting relationships. The company’s principles are grounded upon its founders values of trust, integrity and commitment to all its partners. AZAK aims to enhance its global foot print in an environmental friendly and cost effective manner

Through the years we have worked with organizations from Africa, the Middle East as well as all over Asia to create quality solutions for Metal Waste. We have an extensive installed capacity covering the entire range of   sorting and processing operations. AZAK yards are strategically located throughout the region with the explicit objective of servicing our large client base. Our in house teams of transporters, loaders, cutters and quality control inspectors ensure that the products reach our clients as per specs and on time. We have one of the best Reverse Logistics Operation in the UAE. AZAK has been setting the standards in the industry for decades.

In addition, we work with most of the shipping lines operating out of UAE and have devised efficient processes of positioning the shipping containers for loading. In most cases we are able to fill orders in a matter of days. We also maintain direct accounts with various logistics service providers in order to ensure efficient movements of goods.

We are founded on the principles on honesty, efficiency and integrity towards our customers as well as the communities we operate in. By holding these core values close to our hearts, we are constantly striving to set new standards for ourselves and the industry as a whole. Above all, we strongly believe in leaving our mother earth in a better cleaner state than the one we had inherited her in. 

We pride ourselves on running a truly Customer-Focused Front-Line Organization. We have a rigorous training program to ensure that the skill sets required must not only cover the technical aspects of customer support but effective communications and interpersonal skills must be up to the mark. We always go that extra mile to let customers know that they are being cared for properly. Towards that end we have a Flexible and Responsive Back office that can handle almost anything one can throw at it.

AZAK is the member of
Member of BIR (Bureau of International Recycling)
Member in BMR (Bureau of Middle East Recycling)
In recognition of our company’s valuable services & credible business record we were honored to receive
Excellence Award from Govt. of Sharjah, UAE 

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